Animal Equine and Canine Photography

Professional photography of your pets, dogs, horses and other animals based out of Columbia, MO. Contact Creations by Nola today before it is too late to get that picture of your pet that is the love of your life! 573.489.6655

Do you treasure your cat, dog, and other pets like they are family? Do you want to always remember the joy they brought to your life? Nothing memorializes your wonderful pet like a professional portrait!

I personally have owned dogs and horses that meant the world to me and I am so glad I was able to capture the memories. Whether to hang on your wall, put on Facebook, or entering into a contest, a fabulous portrait of your pet is a daily remind of the animal you love so much.

Sitting fees start at $100 and include one digital image. and of course, on location is available.

For enlargements and prints, please go to Reorder Pricing

I was so touched to read what Pope Francis said in December of 2014 to comfort a boy who had just lost his beloved dog. He said "One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God's creatures."

I have specialized for over fifteen years in pet photography. I understand dogs and their different personalities and temperaments and strive to capture the uniqueness that is your pet. Having developed techniques for working with all kinds of different animals and growing up on a big farm in northwest MO, I know how to capture the best shot of your loyal companion. That’s why I lay on the grass, rock, and dirt. Whether it is a cat or dog or horse or cow or goat, whatever your pet is, I have studied how to best photograph them and draw their personality out. I create images that aren’t just pictures of your pet, but a unique and stunning picture of your pet’s beauty & personality. I am so very grateful to have a job working with animals I truly love and enjoy!

Dogs teach us lessons every day and I am so glad I have had the joy of having them in my life and making me a better person. As a dog or cat owner, you know there are moments that have brought such intense joy I want to freeze a moment that brings back memories of moments you never want to forget.