Creations by Nola Photography officially began business in 1992, although Nola was photographing weddings and families and children long before that. From early on, Nola decided she wanted her photography to be more customer service oriented, as well as more flexible than other photographers at the time.  What began as a hobby soon turned into a thriving business and more than 20 years later, Nola is as in love with her job as a photographer as she was in the beginning.

Nola Dorman (formerly Stedem) was born and raised in Chillicothe, MO and decided to pursue photography as more than a hobby after graduating high school.  She attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, and helped pay for college by photographing weddings, seniors, families and children.  Upon graduation from Mizzou, she worked in her main field of study, radio and tv, but after 2 years, decided she was much more fulfilled and happy doing her photography and decided to fall back on her skills and customer base she had already established.  Now, over 20 years later, Nola still loves her job just as much as when she first started and is always excited to see what is going to happen next at weddings!